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12 December 2017

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Funny water
6 December 2017

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Pattern for sky
18 November 2017

Thumbnail image

Time to go...
6 November 2017

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The circles in the grass
31 October 2017

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Storm is coming
7 October 2017

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Piano solo
1 October 2017

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Aircraft carrier
25 September 2017

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Fake city
19 September 2017

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7 September 2017

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13 July 2017

Thumbnail image

Are you ready?
7 July 2017

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Genius at work
13 May 2017

Thumbnail image

Road to...
7 February 2017

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I'm hungry (2)
25 November 2014

Recent Comments

Ehsan Hemmati on Hot snow
Nice winter photo.

B. Thomas on Hot snow
Happy New Year to you!!

Marjolein on Hot snow
Very Best Christmas Wishes to You and Yours on This Day.

Dimitrios on Hot snow
superb, happy holidays

Existence Artistique on Hot snow
passe d'agréables moments magiques

omid on Hot snow
L O V E L Y ! :) ... buon ♪ ♫ • * ¨ * •. ¸ ¸ ♥ ¸ ¸. • * ¨ * ...

Hiro on Hot snow
Happy Christmas !

Mhelene on Free clouds
Great capture of the clouds .

Irene on Free clouds
Beautiful !!

Harry on Free clouds
I never pay for my clouds, either.

B. Thomas on Free clouds
These lovely white clouds seem like a summer day.

Ruthiebear on Free clouds
A beautiful view

Jypyä Pop on Free clouds
Beautiful cloud.

Steven on Free clouds
Great puffiness captured in these pristine clouds!!

Marjolein on Free clouds
Lovely to see

Existence Artistique on Free clouds
Beau ciel

Devi on Free clouds
Lovely....feel like reaching out and touching these !

Hiro on Free clouds
Free, it's very important !

omid on Free clouds
:) Lovely clouds!

B. Thomas on Kids
Very pretty spot near the water.

Ehsan Hemmati on Funny water
Lovely dog Nice photo

Mhelene on Kids
Very beautiful composition .

Hiro on Kids
Very nice !

Ronnie 2¢ on Kids
I like your words here . . and I can sure see the attraction !

Marjolein on Kids
Water and stones.....playground for kids

Harry on Kids
that looks like a dangerous cascade to be playing around

Irene on Kids
Great shot !

Ruthiebear on Kids
A beautiful spot for this child to be.

Existence Artistique on Kids

Steven on Kids
Great view captured here!! The child adds a nice sense of scale.

Jypyä Pop on Kids
Fantastic little rapids. Picture is very succesfull

Devi on Kids
Ah !! I would love to be here !! What a lovely spot !

omid on Kids

B. Thomas on Funny water
Aww, sweet face on this beautiful dog.

Mhelene on Funny water
Superb portrait and reflections !!

Harry on Funny water
hope he has his waders on

Irene on Funny water
Wonderful image !

omid on Funny water
:) L O V E L Y !

Devi on Funny water
Aw!! He looks so sweet !! Lovely portrait here !

Ruthiebear on Funny water
What a sweet portrait!

Steven on Funny water
A great saying that complements this photo perfectly! He looks to be enjoying his time in the water. Something appears ...

Hiro on Funny water
looks anxious about something...

Existence Artistique on Funny water
oh c'est génial

Marjolein on Funny water lovely

Jypyä Pop on Funny water
That's okay. You have to enjoy life when there is a chance.

Mhelene on Relax
Beautiful composition .

Marjolein on Relax
Indeed...really relaxed

Harry on Relax
a pleasant afternoon respite

B. Thomas on Relax
She found a nice spot of shade to rest in. Nice shot.

Irene on Relax
Good point of view.

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