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12 December 2017

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Pattern for sky
18 November 2017

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Fake city
19 September 2017

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Road to...
7 February 2017

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I'm hungry (2)
25 November 2014

Recent Comments

Mhelene on Fresh
A superb panorama . Beautiful !

pascale on Fresh
beautifully captured! well done !

Jypyä Pop on Fresh
Run water, run. Fine image

Harry on Fresh
nice capture of this rushing water

Irene on Fresh
Great image ! Looks very cold.

Adela Fonts on Fresh
Great shot!

Devi on Fresh
wow..that's a lovely shot of the surging water !

Hiro on Fresh
very nice

Ruthiebear on Fresh
I like how you have captured the powerful feel

mvdfotokraam on Fresh
Wonderful clear sparkling water.

omid on Fresh
Lovely place!

Harry on On the road
You could drive to infinity

Jypyä Pop on On the road
The road goes somewhere somewhere away ....

Chetan on On the road
This already feels like adventure

Irene on On the road
Love it !

Ruthiebear on On the road
I like how curving road draws my eye

pascale on On the road
it will be a great adventure :) like it !

mvdfotokraam on On the road
Beautiful mountainview

Hiro on On the road
We will have bright future !

Mhelene on On the road
Superb composition .

Existence Artistique on On the road
intéressante recherche

omid on On the road
such beautiful composition, perspective, colors & lights! Amazing view.

Steven on On the road
Beautiful landscape that greets the road!!

beach on On the road
A lonely shot, somehow.

Chetan on Where are you?
I am the cloud :)

Mhelene on Where are you?
Beautiful composition .

Hiro on Where are you?
Ah, we got lost !

Harry on Where are you?
the concentrated fog fools the eye into asking is is rising or descending?

Irene on Where are you?
A yes, hiding.

Existence Artistique on Where are you?

omid on Where are you?
:) such beautiful composition, layers, lights & atmosphere! Lovely view!

Jypyä Pop on Where are you?
Okay, now we are in clouds

Steven on Where are you?
A splendid view up in the clouds, with an element of mystery!!

Ruthiebear on Where are you?
I love that hanging mist!

Marjolein on Where are you?
Hidden in the fog !

pascale on Where are you?
just behind the cloud of mist :)

pascale on Ordine e progresso
soon a great fire :)

Harry on Ordine e progresso
where are the tree huggers when you need them?

Irene on Ordine e progresso
Well composed.

Ruthiebear on Ordine e progresso
Well composed view. I hope they will be used purposefully.

Chetan on Ordine e progresso
Oh boy.. only if it would be possible to bring them back to life !!

Jypyä Pop on Ordine e progresso
If you break the firewood yourself, get them warm twice.

Mhelene on Ordine e progresso
Superb composition.

Hiro on Ordine e progresso
interesting subject

Steven on Ordine e progresso
Let's hope they believe in reforestation, too!!

Existence Artistique on Ordine e progresso

Marjolein on Ordine e progresso
A nice supply of wood!

Luca Bobbiesi on Ordine e progresso
Excellent shot!

omid on Ordine e progresso

Mhelene on Meanwhile...
Superb composition.

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