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Fake city
19 September 2017

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7 September 2017

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13 July 2017

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Are you ready?
7 July 2017

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Genius at work
13 May 2017

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Road to...
7 February 2017

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I'm hungry (2)
25 November 2014

Recent Comments

Existence Artistique on Fake city
c'est du bon travail

Ruthiebear on Fake city
I like the rich color of this fake city!

Steven on Fake city
Great elements in this fake city!!

Jypyä Pop on Fake city
Very good fake city

beach on Fake city
Looks pretty real.

Devi on Fake city
Beautifully crafted !!!!!!!

Hiro on Fake city
Nicely constructed !

Carolina on Shadows...
Mi piace! Bella idea il bianco e nero che rende non banale la foto ma la rende unica e particolare.

omid on Welcome!
such beautiful composition, perspective & atmosphere! Lovely road!

Ana Lúcia on Welcome!
Beautiful with all that wonderful fog.

Ehsan Hemmati on Welcome!
I like foggy weather,too.

You Know Me on Nowere, no time...
Guess I need to make it to Siena someday!

Harry on Welcome!
A fine perspective shot, similar in subject and perspective to one I posted a couple of days ago, though I had better ...

Anna Cherer on Welcome!
I like the perspective and the atmosphere !

Adela Fonts on Welcome!
La niebla siempre fotogénica...!

Devi on Welcome!
Gosh...what a mood here !! Great !

Ruthiebear on Welcome!
I like this foggy atmosphere

Irene on Welcome!
Beautiful !!

Steven on Welcome!
Incredible mood and atmosphere captured here with the rising fog!!

Jypyä Pop on Welcome!
Thank you

Existence Artistique on Welcome!

Marjolein on Welcome!
That looks cold and moist !!

Hiro on Welcome!
Looks challenging !

jpla on Welcome!
L'orage vient de passer ? JP

Ronnie 2¢ on Welcome!
That should fool the sat nav . .

Ehsan Hemmati on Silence...

Ana Lúcia on Shadows...
Such a beautiful place.

Jypyä Pop on Shadows...
Very beautiful

Harry on Shadows...
I like the glimmer in the water. I am puzzled by the round disk with serrated edge - it does not seem natural, yet ...

Adela Fonts on Shadows...
Great light!

Irene on Shadows...
Looks nice and refreshing.

Existence Artistique on Shadows...
bel effet

Ruthiebear on Shadows...
I like the contrasts of the B&W. Lovely framing also.

Steven on Shadows...
Beautiful tones and silhouettes!!

tataray on Shadows...
Magnifiques reflets .)

Devi on Shadows...
superb shadows in the water ! Excellent image and framing Wayra :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Hiro on Shadows...
beautiful BW

jpla on Shadows...
Joli N&B JP

omid on Silence...
wonderful view !!!!!

Harry on Silence...
beautiful mountain scene - silent but for the whistling of the wind

Irene on Silence...
Looks very inviting !

tataray on Silence...
la tête dans les nuages !... )

Adela Fonts on Silence...
Listen to the silence here ...

Existence Artistique on Silence...
intéressante brume

Jypyä Pop on Silence...
Very beautiful place

Ruthiebear on Silence...
I love the rugged foggy atmosphere

Steven on Silence...
Gorgeous view you've captured here!! I love the sense of being as high as the clouds.

Devi on Silence...
wow... i can feel the stillness here !

Hiro on Silence...
Fantastic !

Dimitrios on Silence...

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