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Pattern for sky
18 November 2017

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Time to go...
6 November 2017

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The circles in the grass
31 October 2017

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Storm is coming
7 October 2017

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Piano solo
1 October 2017

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Aircraft carrier
25 September 2017

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Fake city
19 September 2017

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7 September 2017

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13 July 2017

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Are you ready?
7 July 2017

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Genius at work
13 May 2017

Thumbnail image

Road to...
7 February 2017

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I'm hungry (2)
25 November 2014

Recent Comments

Ruthiebear on Pattern for sky
I love this amazing point of view!!!

Hiro on Pattern for sky
Excellent point of view !

Ehsan Hemmati on Pattern for sky
Nice low angle photo.

Jypyä Pop on Pattern for sky
This is fantastic...

Harry on Pattern for sky
fascinating ironwork

B. Thomas on Pattern for sky
Interesting POV.

Irene on Pattern for sky
good view point.

Steven on Pattern for sky
An excellent PoV captured here as the wrought iron design stands out nicely against the sky!!

MEC on Pattern for sky

Devi on Pattern for sky
Great angle...great image !

Marjolein on Pattern for sky
Indeed good work

Dimitrios on Pattern for sky
cool frame

Ronnie 2¢ on Pattern for sky
Thee point-of-view has done it all here ! It works.

omid on Pattern for sky
such beautiful angle, perspective & pattern! Amazing!

Anna Cherer on Pattern for sky
Beautiful angle and graphic perspective !

Annima on Pattern for sky
Nice angle!

Existence Artistique on Pattern for sky
Belle contre plongée

Ehsan Hemmati on Time to go...
Nice photo of the building.

Hiro on Array
nice point of view

Harry on Array
your good low perspective finds interesting patterns

Irene on Array
Good perspective !

B. Thomas on Array
Interesting repetition in this shot.

Ruthiebear on Array
I like this viewpoint. I shows an interesting pattern.

Steven on Array
A unique PoV capturing these flaring legs!! Adds a nice rhythm to this composition.

Jypyä Pop on Array
Okay, the audience can come

Marjolein on Array
A wood of chairlegs

Devi on Array
nice uniform lines here !

Existence Artistique on Array
intéressant ce cadrage

omid on Array
such beautiful angle, DOF & perspective!

Ehsan Hemmati on The circles in the grass
Really beautiful.

Irene on Time to go...
Very nice.

Harry on Time to go...
but I just got here!

omid on Time to go...
Amazing !!!!

Ruthiebear on Time to go...
A commanding viewpoint. I also like the B&W

Marjolein on Time to go...
Good seen .

Jypyä Pop on Time to go...
Stunning old architecture. Perspective tells us that the tower is quite high.

Steven on Time to go...
Beautiful tones captured in this clock tower!!

Devi on The circles in the grass
love these bales :)))))))))))))))))))))))

Devi on Time to go...
what an impressive bell tower !!!

Anne on Time to go...
Very nice.

Hiro on Time to go...
I can hear the bell ringing

Existence Artistique on Time to go...
bel effet

Marjolein on The circles in the grass
A real peaceful place

Irene on The circles in the grass
Beautiful landscape.

Harry on The circles in the grass
nice; you have to use whatever flat space is available

Ruthiebear on The circles in the grass
Beautiful rural view

Jypyä Pop on The circles in the grass
Gorgeous mountain view. Also in Finland, the hay is packaged in the same way before were barns and romance ...

Steven on The circles in the grass
A beautiful landscape shot!! I love the intersecting mountains.

Existence Artistique on The circles in the grass

Hiro on The circles in the grass
Very beautiful scene !

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