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Out of order?
25 July 2018

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Alone, not Lonely.
19 July 2018

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Just dogs...
13 July 2018

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8 July 2018

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26 June 2018

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12 December 2017

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Pattern for sky
18 November 2017

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Fake city
19 September 2017

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Road to...
7 February 2017

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I'm hungry (2)
25 November 2014

Recent Comments

Ehsan Hemmati on Ed è subito sera
Lovely colors.

Devi on Ed è subito sera
wow...superb sky...great colours here in the wafting clouds !

Irene on Ed è subito sera
Beautiful cloud color.

omid on Ed è subito sera
such beautiful composition, clouds, colors & lights! Lovely sky.

Harry on Ed è subito sera
nice glow from below

Existence Artistique on Ed è subito sera
beau ciel

Jypyä Pop on Ed è subito sera
Golden clouds, stunning...

Steven on Ed è subito sera
Beautiful, dramatic sky with great layers of clouds and warm sunlight!!

Hiro on Ed è subito sera
Oh, this is fantastic !!

Mhelene on Ed è subito sera
Beautiful composition.

Shaun on Ed è subito sera
Fabulous color in this great sky.

pascale on Ed è subito sera
Ed è ora mattina :) splendid

Mhelene on Out of order?
Superb framing .

pascale on Out of order?
i think zo that the train doesn't work anymore :)

Irene on Out of order?
Good image !

Shaun on Out of order?
A very good angle for this image.

Harry on Out of order?
I'll hand you the wrench if you can fix it! Nice aged machinery

Steven on Out of order?
I love this close-up view! Looks like someone ended up with a smooshed nose. :-)

Ruthiebear on Out of order?
WHat a clever close angle!

Jypyä Pop on Out of order?
Fine image. Maybe it can fix it

Existence Artistique on Out of order?

Hiro on Out of order?
Funny face !

Devi on Out of order?
I like the details here !

omid on Out of order?
:) Amazing.

Ehsan Hemmati on Just dogs...
Adorable pets.

Hiro on Alone, not Lonely.
nice shot and nice title

Mhelene on Alone, not Lonely.
Beautiful composition on the turning perspectiv of the street .

pascale on Alone, not Lonely.
great shot !

Irene on Alone, not Lonely.
Open space. Great shot.

Steven on Alone, not Lonely.
A great looking view down this cozy alley with the high facades!!

Harry on Alone, not Lonely.
a city devoid of people retains much of its charm

Ruthiebear on Alone, not Lonely.
I like how the path draws my eye making me want to see what is beyond.

Jypyä Pop on Alone, not Lonely.
Alone, not lonely. Like we all, sometimes

Devi on Alone, not Lonely.
Beautiful cobble stone street!

Existence Artistique on Alone, not Lonely.
bien la perspective

omid on Alone, not Lonely.
Lovely alley.

pascale on Just dogs...
so sweet :)

Ehsan Hemmati on Just dogs...

Mhelene on Just dogs...
Beautiful capture of the scene .

Jypyä Pop on Just dogs...
That proverb is wise and definitely true. The dog does not betray nor swear. Its better friend can not be.

Harry on Just dogs...
ah, but best friends

Existence Artistique on Just dogs...

Irene on Just dogs...
Good close up !

Devi on Just dogs...
Aw!! This is so sweet !

Hiro on Just dogs...
Just dogs, but dogs ! Ah, I don't keep any dogs...

Ruthiebear on Just dogs...

omid on Just dogs...
Lovely! :)

Mhelene on Water?
A very beautiful composition . The water level is dramatic .

Harry on Water?
someone has created a stepping stone crossing here

Irene on Water?
Great shot.

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