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13 July 2017

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Are you ready?
7 July 2017

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13 June 2017

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Under the roof
7 June 2017

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Il cammino
26 May 2017

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20 May 2017

Thumbnail image

Genius at work
13 May 2017

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Red passion
1 May 2017

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Due vite.
20 March 2017

Thumbnail image

Road to...
7 February 2017

Thumbnail image

I'm hungry (2)
25 November 2014

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Nostalgia 2
14 March 2014

Recent Comments

fateme@@ on Nowere, no time...
I like the light here.

Ehsan Hemmati on Nowere, no time...
People are relaxing and having a good time. Nice photo.

B. Thomas on Nowere, no time...
What a wonderful place to be.

L'Angevine on Nowere, no time...

jpla on Nowere, no time...
Bien vu JP

Jypyä Pop on Nowere, no time...
Sit in the cafe and enjoy delicacies and good company is a great way to live.

Harry on Nowere, no time...
great busy street scene

Irene on Nowere, no time...
Excellent shot !

Adela Fonts on Nowere, no time...
Beaucoup de gens ici! comme partout ... nous, les humains, nous déplaçons partout...! Une belle image!

Ana Lúcia on Nowere, no time...
Siena... Love it.

Sam on Nowere, no time...
Beautiful capture of the people and the buildings in the background. Lovely atmosphere. :)

Steven on Nowere, no time...
Prime real estate to enjoy the views while enjoying an early dinner!! Great capture!

Devi on Nowere, no time...
a very interesting image.. I like that loane burning bulb :)))

Hiro on Nowere, no time...
I wish I were there...

rbassin on Which?
Une bonne composition

omid on Nowere, no time...
:) L O V E L Y !

fateme@@ on Which?
:) I like it.

Mireille T. on Which?
Very misleading lights! Funny picture!

L'Angevine on Which?
génial les deux sens

Harry on Which?
based on the color, I'd say you'd best be careful whichever way you go.

Irene on Which?
Good question !

Jypyä Pop on Which?
Severe riddle.

B. Thomas on Which?
At least it was not pointing up or down. ;-) Fun shot.

Adela Fonts on Which?
The aim is to mislead the poor driver...

Steven on Which?
Definitely can be confusing!

beach on Which?

Devi on Which?
:) I am confused too !

Hiro on Which?
I'm confused !!

Sam on Which?
Great capture. :)

omid on Which?
:) Amazing shot!

jpla on Which?
Moi qui suis en plus daltonien je n'y comprends rien JP

B. Thomas on Are you ready?
Very nice sports image.

Ehsan Hemmati on Are you ready?
Nice sports photo.

omid on Are you ready?
:) Amazing shot!

L'Angevine on Are you ready?

Chetan on Are you ready?
Nah.. not exactly.. i am the guy sitting at the back :)

Irene on Are you ready?
It seems that I would be more ready for Royal Caribbean.

Harry on Are you ready?
pretty tough to get the rebound from that position, but this fellow looks ready to give his all.

Michael Rawluk on Are you ready?
That is a nice shot of the pause in the action.

Sam on Are you ready?
Yes. Nice action shot. Lovely. :)

Hiro on Are you ready?
Exciting game has began !

Steven on Are you ready?
Nice action shot captured here!!

Devi on Are you ready?
Get set Gooooooooooooooooooooooooo:)))

Christophe on Are you ready?
Beau moment bien capté

Mireille T. on Are you ready?
I love this shot taken just before action!

Marjolein on Are you ready?
Yes...ready to play Bye bye, a good summer

jpla on Are you ready?
Un lancer franc se prépare JP

Jypyä Pop on Are you ready?
Yeah, let's go nooooww

Captain Guildive Ajoupa on Are you ready?

Harry on Too fast.
interesting landscape with bad light on it

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